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The Method Book

The BehaviourWorks Method is a tried and tested approach to helping organisations understand why, how – and at what points – research can be used to identify which behaviour change approach is most likely to address policy problems. Here we share The Method as a practical toolkit for helping behaviour change practitioners better define the problem (Exploration), identify 'who needs to do what differently' (Deep Dive) and trial interventions (Application).

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Aims, schedule and introductory chapter

The Method is being published chapter-by-chapter via the Monash Bridges/Figshare platform over 2021. The aim the book is to clearly explain the thinking behind The Method and provide instructions on how specific tools within it can be used to design better behaviour change programs. View the video by BWA Director, Liam Smith, and download the introduction right or below.


The Method Book
Chapter 1 - Evidence Review

How research reviews make knowledge available and useful to policymakers and other leaders who need to make decisions and take actions to solve problems, often within short timeframes.

The Method Book
Chapter 2 - Understand the system/systems mapping

How systems, actor, process and influence mapping gives us a 'big picture' view of the problem and helps us pinpoint solutions.

The Method Book
Chapter 3 Data analysis, modelling, audience segmentation

Available March 2021

The Method Book
Chapter 4 - Stakeholder consultation

Available April 2021

The Method Book
Chapter 5 - Behaviour identification and prioritisation

Available May 2021

The Method Book
Chapter 6 - Behavioural influences

Available June 2021

The Method Book
Chapter 7 - Audience Research Methods

Available July 2021

The Method Book
Chapter 8 - Matching audience insights to interventions

Available August 2021

The Method Book
Chapter 9 - General Models

Available September 2021

The Method Book
Chapter 10 - Measures of success

Available October 2021

The Method Book
Chapter 11 - Trials and Evaluation

Available November 2021

The Method Book
Chapter 12 - Scaling and Knowledge Translation

Available December 2021



Chapters available Jan to May 2021

Deep Dive

Chapters available May to Aug 2021


Aug to Dec 2021