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The Method Book

An in-depth guide on how to use the BehaviourWorks Method.

The aim of the book is to explain the thinking behind The BehaviourWorks Method and provide instructions on how specific tools within it can be used to design better behaviour change programs. 

The BehaviourWorks Method is our approach to changing behaviours. From the first step of understanding the problem to our final step of putting research to practice, this resource will help you better understand how we do what we do whilst providing you with the right tools so you are able to do what we do (change behaviours for good) within your own organisations and contexts.

*We've since republished the book and it's now available for purchase! Pre-order our book here.

Each chapter of The Method Book takes you through a detailed explanation of one segment of the BehaviourWorks Method.

Chapters 1 - 4 cover the ‘Exploration’ phase that helps practitioners better define the problem. Chapters 5 - 8 cover the ‘Deep Dive’ phase that identifies important behavioural influences to guide intervention design. Chapters 9 - 12 covers the ‘Application’ phase that focuses on success measures, trials, impact and scaling.

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