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Stakeholder consultation to improve behaviour change




Stakeholder consultation to improve behaviour change

In Chapter 3, we discussed the benefits of looking at the data before making assumptions. In Chapter 4, we suggest that, to really understand your audience you need to talk to them. We offer tools and approaches to allow you to effectively engage with stakeholders and gather different perspectives on the problem.

You have to talk to people to understand them

Why should we consult with stakeholders? What can they tell us that a good data set or academic paper can't? In Chapter 4 we explain why talking to people is important and how these insights can be used to improve research, programs and policies.

Further resources

Influences, further reading and blog posts related to this chapter. 

8 principles for citizen engagement

In Apolitical - the global learning platform for government - Harshitha Rajashekara explores Customer Experience concepts and how customer/citizen feedback can be incorporated into programs and policies.

Can behavioural interventions increase citizens’ use of e-government?

In Government Information Quarterly, we publish the results of a quasi-experimental trial looking at how to increase citizen uptake and use of use of an e-government service.

McMaster Health Forum

For several years, BehaviourWorks has been collaborating with Professor John Lavis and his team at McMaster University (Canada) to promote the Forum model for ensuring health decisions are based on the best available research evidence. This work has recently been expanded to include social systems.

SMS reminders to parents for increasing vaccination rates in schools

In Victoria, the human papillomavirus vaccine is delivered within a secondary school vaccine program, administered by local government. In this trial, we tested the hypothesis that sending an SMS reminder to parents would lead to greater uptake of the vaccine. A randomised control trial design was used across 31 schools within seven local government areas. The results were published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Stakeholder Research & Consultation: Keep Your Ears To The Ground

Here, the Director of B2B International, Carol-Ann Morgan, provides a comprehensive overview and definition of 'stakeholder engagement' and provides advice on how to effectively consult with different groups.

Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA)

As part of a large study designed to reduce harm in Victorian hospitals, we ran a simulation-based training program to increase health service board members' communication skills. The results of the randomised controlled trial are in BMJ Open.

Major project

VMIA Health Trials

To prevent harm and reduce medical indemnity claims, VMIA works with Victorian health services to implement patient safety strategies.
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