Frequently asked questions

Are you part of a government department?

No, we are part of Monash University’s Sustainable Development Institute.

Can you help me promote my product?

We don’t work in promotions or marketing as such, BehaviourWorks Australia works in collaboration with government and industry partners looking to develop positive behaviour change programs that align with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Can BehaviourWorks Australia help me with a personal behaviour change issue?

No, we are a research enterprise focussed on large scale behavioural interventions.

What sort of budgets do you work with?

Our services and costs are dependent on the scale and reach of the project, as well as the number of researchers and hours worked. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Doesn’t that guy from Neighbours work at BehaviourWorks Australia?

Yes! Our multi-talented, in-house Content Curator, Geoff Paine, is not just your everyday Comms person, but a well known actor who has starred in a number of shows! He sings, acts and develops awesome video content… he’s a triple threat. (*editor’s note - this particular content was not curated by Geoff, who is bashful in real life and probably not a threat in any real sense).

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