Applying behavioural science to create change

Whether tackling global issues like climate change, or challenges within your organisation, understanding how to influence behaviour is more important than ever to achieving your goals.

Our award-nominated micro-credential will empower you to create the change you seek in a range of sustainability contexts, bringing together insights and experiences from leading behaviour change experts and teaches participants to:

  1. Define behaviour and describe its main influences
  2. Unpack complex issues using a behavioural lens
  3. Gather evidence to inform decision-making
  4. Critically evaluate, select and apply appropriate tools
  5. Design an evaluation framework
  6. Understand the role of behavioural science in policy and practice
  7. Learn how to use BehaviourWorks Method to unpack problems, identify behaviours and develop and trial interventions.

This course includes eight modules of practical and engaging content including videos, discussions, case studies and materials from a range of sectors, can be completed in 80 hours without assessment and up to 144 hours with an assessment.

Click here for more information regarding applying for the assessed and non-assessed program.

This is one of our most sought after courses, with professionals representing a wide range of public and private sector organisations reporting high levels of satisfaction with the course and the learning outcomes. The course only runs twice a year, so be sure to register to our next intake.

“The variety of presentation - downloads, videos, podcasts, forums etc. These help present the information in engaging ways. The module structures were consistent, which helped with pacing through the course”



“I've really enjoyed the format and mix of eBooks and videos, interactive questions, quizzes and discussion forums. I thought it worked wonderfully well in and made for an engaging learning experience.”


Org Development and Learning Specialist

"Honestly, this course was great! I really appreciated the ability to learn at your own pace. My full-time work was in an intense high-pressure period so being able to catch up and go back to review content as needed was ideal for me.”


Policy Officer, DELWP

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Frequently asked questions

What format of course do you run?

Our training portfolio offers a variety of opportunities to suit a wide range of needs, from half-day or two day short introduction or foundation programs, a 15 hour skills development course (toolbox series/short courses) to an eight week bootcamp, and our 12 week accredited program. We also welcome applications for our doctoral program for the truly behaviour obsessed!

Can you provide training for my organisation?

We have specialist courses for organisations, from a coaching and mentoring team-based bootcamp to bespoke, tailored programing to meet identified needs within your team. Please get in touch to discuss you requirements.

How often do the courses run?

We have a calendar of delivery dates for open to market offerings. If there is something you are interested in that is not in the calendar, let us know!

What makes your course different to a traditional university course?

All BWA programs focus on providing our participants with the knowledge and confidence to apply practical behaviour change tools and methods in their workplace/life.

Who runs the course?

All our courses are delivered by the experienced and engaging BWA applied research team. The researchers are all engaged with cutting-edge projects with clients, using evidence based behavioural science to address real world problems. This means we draw on live examples and personally developed case studies in the programs.

How much experience do I need to participate?

We offer programs to suit everyone, from those who are just starting to explore behaviour change and what it offers, to those who have already been applying in their work and want to boost their toolkit, to organisations who want to support their own behavioural insights team.

Is behaviour change applicable to my industry?

Understanding WHO needs to DO WHAT differently, and exploring why people do the things they do, is at the heart of many government departments, industries and life itself! All our work is underpinned by the Sustainable Development Goals, and we work across sectors including health, societal equity, financial development and environmental protection. If you work with people and problems, a behavioural perspective could be extremely helpful in increasing your program or policy effectiveness.

I am not based in Victoria - do you have any online offerings?

Yes! We have online courses with the same content and same fantastic interactive delivery techniques as our face to face programs. We design our online programs with flexibility in mind, so that working professionals and others can easily access the content at a time that suits their needs.