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We offer a broad range of research services that align with the BehaviourWorks Method.

The BehaviourWorks Method is a comprehensive model for unpacking problems, prioritising and understanding   behaviours and trialling interventions. We offer services that address individual sections of the Method, as well as our specialist services for more specific needs.


The first phase of The Method focuses on defining and unpacking a problem to identify behaviours to target.

Systems mapping

We use a range of tools such as process, actor, and influence mapping to help us understand the problem and identify the individuals, groups and organisations involved.


Stakeholder consultation

We use a range of engagement tools, such as interviews, workshops, panels and facilitated dialogues, to engage with key stakeholders and understand diverse perspectives.


Evidence reviews on the problem

To better understand what is known about the problem, we conduct literature and practice reviews to review available evidence.


Data mining

We explore patterns and correlations within related sets of data to better understand a problem domain.


Behaviour identification and prioritisation

After identifying the myriad of behaviours that could impact the problem, we prioritise the target behaviours that will make the biggest difference.


Deep Dive

The second phase of The Method explores the context, barriers and motivations behind target behaviours.

Understand behavioural influences

Using theories of human behaviour, we explore why our audience engages or does not engage in a particular behaviour, what really matters to them and what is likely to change their behaviour.


Evidence reviews on "what works"

We engage with the research evidence and take a deep dive into the literature to understand "what's worked" elsewhere to promote similar behaviours.


Intervention development and co-design

We develop and co-design an intervention strategy based on our knowledge and insights of the target audience and behaviour.



The final phase of The Method implements, evaluates and scales interventions that impact target behaviours.

Monitoring and evaluation

We use a range of robust Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) frameworks to identify which success measures are optimal to collect for the intervention trial.


Trial design and implementation

We conduct field trials to observe and evaluate an intervention's impacts on behaviour. Interim results can reveal opportunities for adaptation of the interventions and trial.



We can help you to plan for behavioural impact at scale, or advise you how to increase the impact of an ongoing or completed intervention.


BWA specialist services

Our specialist services are designed in-house by our expert team of behavioural researchers.


Our Hackathons are short, intensive ‘design-sprints’ that give organisations the opportunity to review prospective programs, communications, products, or services through a behavioural lens and ensure they resonate with audiences.


Facilitated dialogues

Our Facilitated Dialogues enable diverse stakeholders to collaborate to generate evidence-based solutions for a shared problem.


Rapid evidence and practice reviews

Rapid Evidence and Practice Reviews enable governments and other organisations to gain a rigorous understanding of current knowledge in weeks.

Some of the organisations we have worked with

Ready to get started?

Experience tells us that many organisations need help defining the problem to begin with, so we normally recommend that organisations bring us in early to help unpack the problem.