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Evidence reviews on the problem

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Evidence reviews on the problem

Evidence reviews summarise all the facts that are known or not about the problem and the factors that are contributing to it found in the written literature but also from talking to stakeholders. They provide a good understanding of the problem to build informed decisions on how to best address the problem.

We work with Monash University’s extensive catalogue of research journals and databases as well as our in-house databaseof nearly 5,000 behaviour change research articles to conduct literature reviews.

We often also include the “grey literature” in our search to ensure that we capture not only the academic perspective but also industry papers and reports that provide real world perspective.

Talking directly to key stakeholders to reveal additional insights on what is happening on the ground and how best-practice recommendations from research have played out in the real world provide furthercritical insights.

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Experience tells us that many organisations need help defining the problem to begin with, so we normally recommend that organisations bring us in early to help unpack the problem.

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