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  • BehaviourWorks Australia



    For a healthier, happier, more sustainable world

BehaviourWorks Australia is a research enterprise within the
Monash Sustainable Development Institute

We bring leading behaviour change researchers and practitioners together to find behavioural solutions to real-world problems.

What we do

BehaviourWorks Australia conducts research in collaboration with behaviour change practitioners in government, industry and the not-for-profit sector. Our role is to provide evidence on which behaviour change approach is most likely to work in addressing social, environmental and organisational problems.  
Who we are

BWA researchers come from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines including psychology, sociology, behavioural economics, health, systems thinking, political science and education. They’re passionate about bridging the research-practice gap by working in partnership with government and industry practitioners.
What we work on

Since 2011, BWA has worked on hundreds of behaviour change programs across the areas of health, sustainability, finance, regulation and compliance, energy, social inclusion, safety, consumer decision-making, organisational change, community engagement and more.

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The BehaviourWorks Method

Developed over several years, the BehaviourWorks Method is a tried and tested approach to behaviour change.
Consisting of three overarching phases – Exploration, Deep Dive and Application – The Method helps organisations gather the evidence they need to make better program and investment decisions.
What's Your Problem?

Our new video series gets into the heads of our Research Fellows, giving them an ‘open mic’ to tell us about their current research and why it matters to them (and the rest of us). 

Episode 1 features Mark Boulet,  who’s eager to tell the world about the problem of food waste.

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Social Inclusion Index provides a new benchmark

This first-of-its-kind Social Inclusion Index underpins the work of Inclusive Australia, a powerful new alliance of organisations wanting to tackle discrimination in a more coordinated manner. It gives everyone a benchmark to measure improvements.

Understanding how the minimum wage affects behaviour

A study with 1,500 participants, half of whom were employed in industries typically associated with minimum pay rates, explored the behavioural - or anchoring - effect of including the minimum wage on a workplace information statement and how it may hinder negotiations.

Safer Together - bushfire preparedness and response

Bushfires have always been a feature of the Australian landscape, but the spectre of climate change and rapid population growth are exacerbating community fears. Safer Together involves fire and land management agencies taking a more holistic approach to management.