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Behaviour identification and prioritisation

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Behaviour identification and prioritisation

Complex problems can often include many different behaviours to change leaving you with the big question of what to focus your resources on. BehaviourWorks offers a process that helps to identify the range of possible behavioural solutions and select a priority behaviour.

As part of this process, the Impact-Likelihood Matrix helps to narrow the options down by mapping the behaviours on a visual prioritisation framework with some key dimensions:
1.      The impact of the behaviours on the problem,
2.      The ease of performing a particular behaviour –how likely is the audience to adopt the behaviour?
3.      Current adoption or participation levels – how many people are already engaging in a particular behaviour?
The Matrix can provide a useful summary of the evidence, which is easily interpretable by decision makers and retains the nuance of multiple data sets. BWA has used the Impact Likelihood Matrix in a range of projects to assist behaviour selection in projects relating to recycling, foodwaste avoidance at home, water conservation in the home, research use by teachers and community bushfire safety behaviours.

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