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Making the most of an effective intervention




Making the most of an effective intervention

In this final chapter, we offer some approaches and tools to help teams share the learnings from their intervention trials and scale their successes up to achieve even greater impact.

Sharing our insights

In this chapter, we explore three approaches to ensuring that an effective intervention does lead to impact. They are scaling, dissemination and knowledge translation.

Each pathway can increase your impact - i.e., desired behaviour and societal change - but approach this goal from different directions and with an emphasis on different activities and outputs. We will introduce you to these approaches before discussing when and how to apply each one.

Further resources

Influences, further reading and blog posts related to this chapter. 

Blog post

How To: Convince your colleagues to use behavioural science at work

The application of behavioural science in real-world settings has become somewhat of a hot topic in the last decade... So, how do you convince your colleagues to hop onto the idea?

Behaviour change Scale Up Toolkit

When we know that a behaviour change intervention has worked in a pilot or trial, how can we successfully scale it up to achieve greater impact and reach?
Major project

Waste collaboration

The Waste and Circular Economy Collaboration led by BWA and its partners aim to explore and better understand how behavioural insights can be used to encourage households, businesses and the Australian community to avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle waste, improving the liveability and sustainability of our cities and regions.


Saeri, A. K., Slattery, P., Tear, M. J., Varazzani, C., Epstein, D., Knott, C., … Smith, A. L. (2021). Scale up of behaviour change interventions: A rapid review of evidence and practice.

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