The world’s first freely available behaviour change Scale Up Toolkit

When we know that a behaviour change intervention has worked in a pilot or trial, how can we scale it up to achieve greater impact and reach?

It's a question we've been considering for some time. In fact, at the 2018 Behavioural Exchange Conference, BehaviourWorks Director Liam Smith urged an audience of 600+ policymakers and experts to consider how behaviour change interventions could create more significant systems change. Part of the recipe for that transformation was taking ‘what works’ and scaling it up.

With Liam’s support, BWA Research Fellows, Alexander Saeri and Peter Slattery, went on to explore a workable model that could support behaviour change researchers and practitioners achieve behavioural impact at scale.

The challenge:
How can we help behavioural insights practitioners scale up successful trials?
Victorian Government Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Behavioural Insights Unit


With their collaborators in the Victorian Government Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Behavioural Insights Unit, the research team started by conducting a rapid evidence review of the factors that influence successful (or unsuccessful) scale-up of innovations beyond behaviour science, such as in public health and international development.

They enriched these findings by interviewing behaviour science researchers and practitioners in government departments, international organisations and private consultancies.


All of this knowledge has now been translated into the world’s first freely available behaviour change Scale Up Toolkit. Modelled on LEAN principles, the website provides tips and tools, such as videos and tutorials, designed to help behavioural insights practitioners scale-up their interventions.

Chapters include:

  • Learn about scale-up, its challenges and useful frameworks.
  • Identify which behaviour to target with an intervention.
  • Assess the feasibility of different intervention ideas.
  • Select a scalable behaviour change intervention.
  • Design or adapt an intervention for testing and scale-up.
  • Test scale-up assumptions about your intervention in a pilot or trial.

Industry contributions invited

While the Scale up Toolkit has already received positive feedback, the BehaviourWorks team is seeking further contributions from behaviour change practitioners across a wide range of fields to help them build the website into a ‘one stop shop’ resource (so, please log in and provide feedback through the form). In other words, this is the first draft of Scale Up, with new iterations to come over 2020/21.

The team is also exploring how to build a community of practitioners interested in scale-up so they can share knowledge and expand the set of tools.

Scale Up training may also be offered at some point in the future.

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