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Dr Peter Slattery
Research Fellow, IT nerd and philanthropy enabler 

Peter is based in Sydney. His work and research focuses on understanding how to use digital technology to encourage socially-beneficial behaviours, such as health improvement, volunteering and philanthropy.

Peter has experience with entrepreneurship and has been involved in establishing and running several for-profit and non-profit organisations. He is particularly interested in the ideas of effective altruism, a movement that explores how to be as effective as possible at addressing societal issues and improving the world.

Peter’s PhD in Information Systems at the University of New South Wales examined how to use websites to encourage volunteering and philanthropy. He also holds an MBS in Information Systems and a BSc in Applied Psychology. His research has been published at conferences such as the International Conference on Information Systems and the European Conference on Information Systems and he has several papers in review for Information Systems and Psychology journals.

Peter is experienced with a broad range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques including literature reviews, conceptual papers, interviews, experiments, surveys and structural equation modelling. He is particularly interested in developing and disseminating tools and techniques that help practitioners to understand and optimise behaviour change processes.