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Dr Peter Slattery
Research Fellow, efficiency geek and philanthropy enabler 

Peter was awarded a PhD in Information Systems from the University of New South Wales, examining how to use websites to encourage volunteering and philanthropy. He also holds an MBS in Information Systems and a BSc in Applied Psychology.

Peter is experienced with a broad range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, including literature reviews, conceptual papers, interviews, experiments, surveys and structural equation modelling. He is particularly interested in research relating to highly-impactful research questions – those that are seen as particularly important for addressing societal issues and improving the world.

As part of this, he focuses on understanding how to encourage relevant socially important behaviours such as volunteering, philanthropy, activism and dietary change. He is particularly interested in improving research impact: how to better optimise the flow of knowledge from research into the hands of entrepreneurs and practitioners and research questions in the opposite direction.

Peter’s work has been accepted at the International Conference on Information Systems and the European Conference on Information Systems and in Information Systems and Health journals.

He has several years of experience with entrepreneurship, product development and community building, including work with several Effective Altruist communities, Effective Altruism Australia.

At BehaviourWorks Australia (BWA), Peter works on a range of projects focusing on topics such as building and promoting the BWA knowledge database, improving attitudes towards vulnerable families, reducing waste and diabetes detection and management.

In his personal time, he likes vegan food, walks on the beach, self-improvement, hiking and surfing badly.