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From insights to interventions




From insights to interventions

In Chapter 7, we described how different research methods can be used to collect data from your target audiences and understand their behavioural influences. In Chapter 8, we learn how to match the insights from our Deep Dive research to design interventions with the best chance of success.

Matching your insights to your interventions

Now that you have gathered audience insights, how do you translate them into effective behaviour change interventions? This chapter will help you avoid common pitfalls, such as defaulting to the same old interventions, relying on preconceived notions of what works and failing to heed the advice of key stakeholders.

Download chapter 8 (right) to learn how to effectively match behavioural influences to interventions and prioritise/co-design interventions with the greatest chance of changing the target behaviour/s.

Further resources

Influences, further reading and blog posts related to this chapter. 

A taxonomy of behaviour change methods

This open access paper includes a taxonomy of behaviour change methods for intervention design. See the “Supplemental material” section for linking tables of behavioural influences and behaviour change methods.

Less can sometimes mean more in intervention design

When coming up with solutions, do you tend to default to the approach of adding more rather than taking away? This article, on the benefits of subtracting, provides some useful considerations when it comes to designing behavioural interventions.

The Theory and Techniques Tool

This interactive tool illustrates the links between 74 behaviour change techniques and the mechanisms of action through which they lead to behaviour change.

The Behaviour Change Wheel book

Building on a synthesis of behaviour frameworks across many contexts, this guide provides an essential resource for practitioners, researchers, policymakers and intervention designers.

A new method for designing behaviour change interventions

This open access paper describes the development of Professor Susan Michie and her colleagues’ Behaviour Change Wheel.


Taking e-waste to a better place

Working with DELWP and Sustainability Victoria, we investigated why households and SMEs may – or may not – take their e-waste to local transfer stations for recycling.

Lowering infection risk for spinal cord injury patients

Exploring the behavioural aspects of catheter management for people with spinal cord injury to reduce the number of days between people being converted from using an IDC to an IMC.
Major project

VMIA Health Trials

To prevent harm and reduce medical indemnity claims, VMIA works with Victorian health services to implement patient safety strategies.
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