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Using generic behaviour change tools when time and resources are scarce




Using generic behaviour change tools when time and resources are scarce

In Chapter 9, we learn how to use generic behaviour change tools to design behaviour change interventions when your main assets - time and funding - are scarce.

Off-the-shelf solutions

In Chapter 8, you learnt how to match behavioural influences to intervention options, prioritise interventions and carry out an intervention co-design. While these steps can help you develop an intervention, they require sufficient time and funding. What if you don’t have the freedom of sufficient time and funding to develop a behaviour change intervention tailored to your audience?

In Chapter 9, you will learn how to use some generic and practical 'off the shelf' approaches that can be applied across multiple contexts to design behaviour change interventions

Further resources

Influences, further reading and blog posts related to this chapter. 

How Public Administrators Can Increase Compliance with Written Requests

Public administrators rely on written communications to send information to citizens and stakeholders. Behavioural science has identified several techniques that can be used to increase compliance with written requests. In this Public Administration Review article, we capture 7 of the effective techniques in a simple mnemonic—INSPIRE.

INSPIRE: a framework to change behaviour for the better

A lay introduction to BehaviourWorks Australia's INSPIRE framework, which is used by public administrators and others to improve written communications (letters, emails, etc) to achieve greater salience and compliance.

Behavourial techniques to support physiotherapists

In this publication, Chapter 9 chapter co-author, Breanne Kunstler, explains how behaviour change techniques can be used by physiotherapists to encourage physical activity.

Improving Compliance with Medical Fitness to Drive Reviews

This study tested whether drivers’ compliance and satisfaction with a licensing authority’s request to provide a medical report could be improved by incorporating two applied behaviour change principles into the authority’s request letter.

EAST: Four Simple Ways to Apply Behavioural Insights

If you want to encourage a behaviour, make it Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely (EAST). These principles, developed and published by the Behavioural Insights Team (UK), can be applied in a number of different contexts.

Influencing behaviours - managing social norms for persuasive impact

Social norms can both spur and guide human behaviour. This paper examines the implications in an environmental context.

Principles of Persuasion

VIDEO outlining Robert Cialdini’s Seven Principles of Persuasion.

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