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Dr Alexander Saeri

Dr Alexander Saeri

Research Fellow

Alexander's work aims to increase the reach and impact of behaviour science on the world's most pressing problems. 

Through his work at BehaviourWorks, Alexander has:

  • Lead the development of an evidence-informed scale up toolkit to help behaviour science practitioners and researchers improve the reach and impact of behaviour change interventions
  • Founded and led SCRUB, a rapid survey of Australians' COVID-19 behaviours to reduce harms and support a sustainable recovery which included the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of a survey every 3-4 weeks over 21 waves (March 2020 - July 2021)
  • Convened academics, businesses, and government representatives to experiment with business model innovations as part of the Waste and Circular Economy Collaboration
  • Co-led the BehaviourWorks Australia Climate Adaptation Mission, which uses systemic behavioural public policy experiments to increase the adaptive capacity of communities most at risk of climate change impacts by 2030
  • Helped set up, advised on strategy for, and built method capabilities with Behavioural Insights teams in government and corporate settings

Alexander completed his Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons I, 2010) and PhD (2015) at The University of Queensland. His thesis investigated intergroup conflict and cooperation, and he has developed and coordinated courses in advanced research methods, philosophy of science and social psychology.

Outside work, Alexander likes to garden, cook and read speculative science fiction (e.g., Kim Stanley Robinson, Iain M Banks, Margaret Atwood, NK Jemisin).

Visit Google Scholar to see his publications and follow him on LinkedIn for updates on his work.

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