Kavya Raj

Assistant Lecturer

Scientist, educator, mental health advocate

Kavya is an Assistant Lecturer within the training and education program, and her interests lie in the use of behavioural and psychological science for addressing prominent health issues and developing optimal interventions.

Kavya joined BehaviourWorks Australia in 2022, prior to which she was completing her PhD at Monash University’s BrainPark and the Addiction Impulsivity Research Laboratory. Her research focused on uncontrolled internet use as an emerging behavioural issue, primarily through an addiction framework. Specifically, her work focused on the symptomatology, cognitive drivers, and treatment of Problematic Use of the Internet. In collaboration with leading industry partner Headspace Inc., she pioneered a world-first mindfulness intervention for Problematic Use of the Internet, drawing on behaviour change theory to facilitate intervention engagement and retention.

Kavya is an experienced neuro-cognitive researcher, and has a strong passion for exploring how interventions which are grounded in behavioural science can improve mental and physical health. Beyond research, Kavya also has broad experience in the development and delivery of both face-to-face and online education in professional and university settings. She has conducted several workshops and masterclasses in psychology and mental health in the private education sector, and has delivered numerous lectures on addiction and digital interventions.

Kavya holds a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences with First Class Honours from Monash University, Australia. Outside of work, Kavya can be found either hiking with her dog, baking an unnecessary number of cakes, or knitting yet another jumper.

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