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Dr Celine Klemm

Dr Celine Klemm

Research Fellow

Behavioural and communication science, applied psychology, sustainability education

Celine is interested in using behavioural science and psychology to lessen human impact on the environment, mitigate climate change and build climate resilience.

Celine holds a PhD in Communication Science from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and a Master’s degree in Media Management/Psychology from the University of Cologne (Germany). Her PhD investigated mass media coverage of pandemic outbreaks, and in particular its relation to risk perception and self-protective behaviours.

Since joining BehaviourWorks in 2020, she has worked across a range of environmental sustainability topics including circular economy, food waste, energy use and emissions reductions, climate adaptation, and riparian restoration. Currently she is working on research applying behavioural science to renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades in Australian homes, and marine plastic pollution. Previously, Celine led the Effectiveness of product labelling schemes research stream in the Waste and Circular Economy Collaboration and field trials investigating the role of human behaviour and user experience in the Monash microgrid for Monash University’s Buildings and Property Division.

She has experience with a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods with particular expertise in trial design, experimental research and interviews.

Before joining BWA, Celine was a Lecturer at Monash University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where she led the development of, and delivered, a unit in the Master of Environment and Sustainability, co-facilitated the extra-curricular “Green Steps” leadership program, and taught classes on research methods.

When she’s not deep in her research, Celine loves spending time in the ocean, hiking or travelling.

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