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Dr Kim Borg

Dr Kim Borg

Research Fellow

Social and behavioural scientist, sci-fi author

Kim's research interests particularly lie in the impact of human behaviour on conservation and biodiversity and is currently overseeing a large multi-year research collaboration on Responsible Consumption.

Kim’s research experience focusses on social and government research where she has worked with a number of large organisations and departments such as DELWP, Sustainability Victoria, DHHS, and Australia Post.

Prior to joining BehaviourWorks Australia (BWA) she worked across many different social and behavioural research areas including road safety, mental health, vocational health and safety, patient satisfaction, and the environment. She also played an active role in designing and testing best practice methods for survey data collection.

Kim has been involved in a variety of research projects at BWA, initially exploring attitudes and behaviours related to health and social inclusion - including the use of emergency phone services, increasing immunisation rates, digital inclusion, supporting vulnerable families, and social inclusion. In recent years, she has started to specialise in environmental behaviour change, undertaking projects related to connection to nature, eco-label effectiveness, wildlife management, and waste prevention and disposal.

Kim completed her PhD in Behavioural Science - Environment at Monash University exploring the role of media in turning the social tide on plastic avoidance. 

In addition to her research roles, Kim is also a member of Zoos Victoria's Science Advisory Committee, Plastic Oceans Australasia's Technical Advisory Panel, and the People and Nature Alliance Community of Practice, coordinated by Remember the Wild.

In her spare time, Kim likes to write (and consume) adventure and sci-fi fiction. Her debut novel, Edge of Extinction, was released in April 2020.

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