Phase 1

Scoping & Prioritisation

Phase 1

This phase involves engaging with partners, key stakeholders and BWA staff to agree on problem focus and intervention priorities.

Mission goals

The Mission's goal is to reduce per capita material resource consumption in Australia by 15% by 2030 while maintaining community wellbeing and economic resilience.

The goal is in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12.2: [by 2030] achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.

It aims to identify opportunities for de-coupling consumption demand and economic growth, close the gap in research and policy on sustainable consumption and de-materialising the economy, and address the wider goals relevant to all consortium partners.

Interests and priorities:

BWA and its partners agreed upon a list of priority areas to target for the Mission. While there are many material streams that contribute to responsible consumption, the following priority areas were recognised as being under-addressed in research and practice.

Three priority areas were identified and selected:

  • fashion and textiles;
  • electronics and electrical devices; and
  • furniture and large household items.

What's happened so far?

Between June and September 2021 we undertook the first phase of the Responsible Consumption Mission: Scoping & Prioritisation

This involved defining the Mission goal, agreeing on explicit prioritisation criteria, identifying and working with a variety of stakeholders to generate a "long-list" of behaviour change challenges, and prioritising those behaviours to identify a short-list to take into the next phase of the mission: Intervention Co-design.

For more information about the Scoping and Prioritisation phase see the Summary Report.

What's happening now?

We've reached stage 2 of the Mission: Intervention Co-design.

See what we've done so far on the Mission's sub-page.

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