Phase 1

Behaviour Prioritisation

Phase 1

This phase involves engaging with partners, key stakeholders and BWA staff to identify and prioritise specific behaviours to target that will contribute to the Mission goal.


Between June and September 2021 we undertook the first phase of the Responsible Consumption Mission: Behaviour Prioritisation.

The purpose of this phase was to consider all of the potential behaviours that would contribute to achieving our Mission goal and from these, define and prioritise a short list of behaviours to explore in the Mission.

This phase involved a series of stakeholder engagement activities to brainstorm, define and prioritise relevant behaviours to reduce per capita consumption of the three material streams agreed in the Scoping phase:

  • fashion and textiles;
  • electronics and electrical devices; and
  • furniture and large household items.

What we did

A series of four activities were completed between June and September 2021:

  • Stakeholder identification: internal workshop with BWA partners to identify all relevant stakeholders across the public, private and civil sectors, and invite to participate in the process
  • Long-listing: a series of 4 online workshops supplemented by an online survey to generate suggestions for behaviour change challenge, with 77 participants
  • Prioritisation criteria: internal workshop with BWA partners to agree on the prioritisation criteria
  • Prioritisation summit: online workshop with 30 participants to rate the behaviours against the prioritisation criteria, and then discuss the preliminary results.

For more information about the Behaviour Prioritisation phase, see:

Behaviour Prioritisation Summary Report

What came next?

The next phase of the Mission was: Intervention co-design

See more on the Phase 2: Intervention co-design sub-page.

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