The Change Room

Change Room 10 – Wheel of Bias

A spin through some of our biases

In 2016, Sarah Kneebone and Geoff Paine presented the first Bias Change Room. Things have changed since then. 

Jump forward to March 2019; Sarah is now Doctor Kneebone (a proud PhD under her belt), and we have developed a brand new format called the Wheel of Bias – we can dial-up, at random, 20 of the top biases and mental shortcuts we use on a daily basis to make decisions.

Decisons are hard. We have to look like we know what we’re talking about, make sense of the information coming in, remember things and not go crazy. Biases help speed things up, but they may not help make the best choices.

Every bias we showcase comes with a real-life example, and we also have polling on smart phones to really make sure we’re learning as we go. 

It’s interactive, it’s fun, and it’s the only game show where science makes everyone a winner.

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