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Visiting experts

Visiting expert: Susan Michie

Which behaviour change approach should I choose?

An introduction to the behaviour change wheel! Incentives, education, social norms, emotional appeals, barrier removal, regulation – these are just some of the tools that researchers and practitioners have at their disposal to influence behaviour. But depending on the behaviour and the context in which it is performed, some of these tools will be more effective than others. So how do you choose the best tool for the behaviours and audiences we want to change?

In this 2012 presentation, Susan Michie, Professor of Health Psychology at University College London, describes an innovative framework that gives researchers and practitioners an effective means of informing behaviour change interventions.

The ‘Behaviour Change Wheel’ is based on contemporary scientific evidence and provides practical guidance on what we need to know about the behaviour and the audience we want to change.

With this knowledge, we can be more strategic in our choice of intervention tools. By linking intervention content with evidence, the Behaviour Change Wheel can further our understanding of cause-and-effect relationships and improve how we report the impacts of behaviour change campaigns.

PowerPoint here.