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Social and Financial

The portfolio is made up of behaviour change experts who specialise in topics including social inclusion, financial wellbeing, and risk and safety culture.

The history of our portfolio has always had a unique focus on applying behavioural sciences to help individuals and groups fully take part in the community and workplace, without experiencing discrimination or prejudice. Over time, we have expanded our focus to include other topics related to sustainable development and inclusive growth, such as financial wellbeing and organisational culture.  

Today, the Social and Financial Portfolio focuses on three key program areas: social inclusion, finance and organisational behaviour change. We work with a host of government, community, and industry partners, involving a combination of projects that range from one-off, single partner projects to long-term collaborations. 

On this webpage, you will find some examples of the projects we have been working on. You are invited to read these as well as other projects we have worked on to better understand our research interests.

Let us know if you have a behaviour change challenge that you think we can help you with. We enjoy new challenges and would be happy to help you to improve social inclusion, financial wellbeing and advance positive behaviour change in organisations.

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