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The Environment Portfolio is made up of behaviour change experts (and enthusiasts!) in waste (e.g., circular economy, food waste), energy, climate adaptation, water, and biodiversity and biosecurity.

The foundations of BWA’s Environment Portfolio have a long history. When BWA was founded in 2011, most of our earliest projects focused on applying the behavioural sciences to deliver outcomes related to energy and water savings, climate change, as well as reducing pollution and waste.

While such outcomes remain “core business”, the complexity and thinking behind some of these challenges (and accompanying behaviour change interventions) have continued to evolve. We have also expanded our focus to include topics related to biodiversity, biosecurity, circular economy and delivering conservation outcomes through behaviour change.

As you can imagine, we have learnt a lot since 2011, from both our peers in the research community and our government and industry collaborators who share with us invaluable “on the ground” insights every day that are critical to our purpose-driven transdisciplinary approach to behaviour change.

We have also learnt a lot from the individuals, communities and organisations that are the focus of behaviour change programs. One of the best parts of our job is spending time with these different audiences and getting to know what truly matters to them, so we can understand their needs and design programs accordingly.

What we can offer

It also important to us to not bring the same set of tools and methods to every problem we are presented with. By spending the time to understand the challenges that our project partners are dealing with, we can  identify a team of researchers and skillsets that best suit the needs of the specific behaviour change challenge.

We work with a host of government (local, state, federal), industry and community partners, involving a mixture of projects that range from one-off, single partner projects to more ambitious, long-term (some partnerships have lasted over 10 years!), multi-partner “mission-type” projects.

Some of these multi-partner projects includes the Waste and Circular Economy Collaboration, the Responsible Consumption Mission and the Climate Adaptation Mission.

So if you have an environmental behaviour change challenge that you think we can help with (or even have a question based on one of our previous projects), then please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Who we have partnered with
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