Further readings and other resources for those looking to dive deep

Extra resources

Further readings and other resources for those looking to dive deep

Business barriers to a circular economy

The following resources provide extra information for those looking to fully immerse themselves into the research on Business Barriers to a Circular Economy.

Circular Strategies

Founded by a group of PhD researchers from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Circular Strategies is a team that came together to collaborate and deliver best-practice strategies, principles and tools to help businesses and organisations transition to a circular economy. Their research came to inform our research and trials that tested business barriers in the Australian context. Find out more about the team and their research.

Circular Strategies

The Circularity Deck

The Circularity Deck is a tool developed by Circular Strategies and adapted for use in the first Business Barriers workshop we conducted. It is designed to help people from across an organisation or an industry ecosystem (e.g. businesses, policy actors, circular service providers), explore ideas for circular collaboration with a user-friendly card deck.

The Circularity Deck has recently been implemented completely online using Miro. Find out more:

The Circularity Deck

Towards a Circular Textiles Economy

Aleasha McCallion, Julie Boulton, and Jim Curtis at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) collaborated on a project to explore ways for the Australian textile, clothing and footwear industry to move towards a circular economy.

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Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre

In Victoria, Australia, the State Government has announced the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre (CEBIC) as part of its new waste and circular economy policy. CEBIC intends to provide businesses with the support they need to innovate, adopt, and implement circular economy opportunities and business models.

Find out about CEBIC

Effectiveness of product labelling schemes

The following provides extra information for those looking to fully immerse themselves into the research on the Effectiveness of Product Labelling Schemes.

Consumer Engagement in the Circular Economy Internationally

In 2018, the European Union published a report on a behavioural study on consumers’ engagement in the Circular Economy across multiple EU countries, which also looks into eco-labels (the 'EU flower'). The study was commissioned by The European Commission to provide policy-relevant insights to guide the implementation of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, and was undertaken by LE Europe, VVA, Ipsos, ConPolicy and Trinomics.

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Read the Journal Publication stemming from the Rapid Evidence Review

Based on the findings from the rapid evidence review, a group of researchers at BWA (Julia Meis-Harris, Celine Klemm, Stefan Kaufman, Jim Curtis, Kim Borg, & Peter Bragge) wrote an academic journal article titled "What is the role of eco-labels for a circular economy? A rapid review of the literature".

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