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Emotional and behavioural reactions to the unexpected

Emotional and behavioural reactions to the unexpected

Knowing which goal to approach is quite a task

In unprecedented circumstances such as the COVID-19 crisis, reliable expectations to guide behaviour are hard to come by.

In this Monash Lens article, BehaviourWorks’ lecturer Filia Garivaldis writes that, in the absence of previous experience, humans tend to revert to behaviours such as social norming, i.e, looking to what others are doing to understand what is acceptable, instead of following best-practice guidelines and common sense.

There are many other emotional, cognitive and behavioural manifestations of the unexpected context. Knowing which goal to approach, or what action to take, can therefore become quite a task.

However, we can learn to harness our emotions, control our thoughts, adopt helpful behaviours and make better decisions.

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