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Reflections on the research-policy-nexus

Reflections on the research-policy-nexus

From research to policy and practice - what's best pratice?

In 2018, Wiley Publishing hosted a Breakfast Roundtable on ‘Research Impact in Policy’ at the Global Evidence and Implementation Summit in Melbourne.

BehaviourWorks’ Director, Liam Smith, and Director of Health Programs, Peter Bragge, shared their considerable experience working with policy-makers in government and industry and were subsequently invited by Wiley to provide a commentary on a new series of free-to-access articles and case studies on the topic.

The collection speaks to some key themes that arose from the discussion – in particular policy-maker-research relations and evidence-based practice.

Liam and Peter write that, in the era of the 24-hour news cycle and ubiquitous information, the need for access to credible knowledge to inform research, policy and practice has never been greater.

However, there have been few opportunities for academics to reflect on what has been learned about the research-policy-nexus and how the ultimate goal of research – to positively impact the world – can best be realised.

The culminating series is a highly valuable and highly recommended resource.

Download here.

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