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Behaviour Change Bootcamps

Group-based training for behaviour change champions

First trialled with NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA), our Behaviour Change Bootcamps offer intensive, group-based training to influential groups within organisations, helping them become skilled advocates in applying the behavioural sciences to program design and implementation.

Run over a period of eight to 12 weeks, Bootcamps provide a detailed understanding of human behaviour and its influences and introduce participants to the BehaviourWorks Method. Further, they give participants the opportunity to apply the learnings to organisational projects in real-time.

Tailor made and practical

Each Bootcamp is tailored to the organisation’s needs in terms of content, methods of delivery (in-person and/or online) and typically involve up to 20 participants.

Prior to each Bootcamp, participants are asked to provide information about a ‘live’ problem confronting their organisation that could benefit from a behavioural focus.

The organisers (from the participating organisation and BWA) then review the information and agree on a set of four to six problem statements that participants will work on, in teams, throughout the Bootcamp.

Through a combination of weekly tasks, webinars and workshops, the teams then develop a live roadmap or workplan of completed and future activities to support the implementation of behaviour change projects relevant to their work areas.

Throughout the Bootcamps, teams are supported by BWA’s friendly and accessible training team.


Participants have reported high levels of satisfaction with the course and learning outcomes.

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