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The Method Book. Chapter 10: How to choose good success measures

With Chapter 10, we begin the Application phase of The Method. In this phase, we trial our interventions to determine their impact. The first step on this journey is to identify the measures that will give us the clearest picture of the effectiveness of our ideas and programs.

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Making the numbers matter

Success measures mean different things in different contexts. Almost always, this involves lifting our eyes from tracking progress, implementation and activity to whether or not we are delivering the intended changes that motivate and justify an initiative and how we might attribute changes to our intervention. You can never measure everything you’d like, nor as well as you’d like, so making good decisions about what to prioritise is important. This chapter provides a tool that prompts users to think about different types of indicators and measures, with case studies to illustrate how we’ve navigated these choices in different contexts in the past.

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How do we measure public value?

The Mandarin summarises a literature review conducted by BehaviourWorks' researchers Nick Faulkner and Stefan Kaufman on public value measurement and introduces a new framework.

Targeting Outcomes of Programs (TOP)

TOP focuses on outcomes in planning, implementing and evaluating programs. TOP is based on a hierarchy that integrates program evaluation within the program development process.

Work with us

Need more help using tools within The Method? We offer a wide range of research services.

BehaviourWorks Consortium
Responsible Consumption

Here's a link to a microsite where we share our progress on a mission-led project by BWA and its partners to explore how systemic behavioural public policy can support 'responsible consumption'.

BehaviourWorks Consortium
Climate Adaptation Mission

A collaborative project exploring how systemic behavioural public policy can reduce projected harms from climate change.

BehaviourWorks case study
Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA)

To prevent harm and reduce medical indemnity claims, we worked with VMIA and Victorian health services to identify behavioural strategies to improve patient safety in Victorian hospitals.

Better Evaluation guide

Written by Patricia Rogers for UNICEF, this guide explores the use of 'theory of change' in an impact evaluation and demonstrates how it can be used to identify the data that needs to be collected and analysed.

Information. Insight. Improvement

Co-founded by Canadian Professor Steve Montague, who has over 35 years' experience in evaluation, education and consulting, the Performance Management Network provides a wide range a resources on planning, measurement and evaluation.

Essentials of Research Methods: A Guide to Social Science Research

Here's a concise and accessible introduction to the research methods used in the social sciences, with advice on how to understand and perform research methods.