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The Method Book - Chapter 1: Evidence Review

A key tool within the BehaviourWorks Method is the evidence review. These reviews gives us a better understanding of the problem under investigation, what others around the world have done to address it and ensure we make evidence-informed decisions moving forward.

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The challenge of understanding and influencing human behaviour has been the focus of decades of applied psychology research and other forms of scientific enquiry. Knowledge from this research can add considerable value to problem-solving by illuminating potential solutions and, just as importantly, flagging areas where investment may be wasted on strategies that have failed elsewhere. This chapter outlines how research reviews can assemble this knowledge and make it useful to policymakers and other leaders who need to make decisions and take action to solve problems. Click on the image to go to the Monash Bridges publications platform.

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Journal paper
Ten ways to optimize evidence-based policy

The exponential rise in knowledge availability has greatly enhanced the ‘supply’ side of the evidence-into-practice equation – however, substantial gaps between evidence and practice remain.

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Social Systems Evidence

In 2019, a new initiative called Social Systems Evidence (SSE) was launched to give policymakers in government and industry free access to quality-appraised research reviews relating to the SDGs. A new partnership was formed with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute to expand the resource and include Rapid Reviews.

Opinion piece
Google searches are no substitute for systematic reviews when it comes to policymaking

In this opinion piece, published in The Mandarin, A/Prof Peter Bragge discusses the fact that few policymakers and decision-makers use systematic reviews to respond to complex challenges. Instead, they rely on Google searches, hoping that something useful will turn up amongst an estimated 6.19 billion web pages.

Blog post
How to do a Rapid Review

In this 'Behaviour change 101 series' BehaviourWorks' Research Fellow, Peter Slattery, explains what a Rapid Review is, why you should do them and a process you can follow for conducting one.

Blog post
Behaviour change 101 series: How to do a Practice Review

In this article, BehaviourWorks Australia Research Fellow, Peter Slattery, discusses how Practice Review can enhance and build upon Rapid Reviews by seeking out the perspective of those with direct experience of the problem under investigation.