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Student hackathon to boost inclusion within councils

Student hackathon to boost inclusion within councils

Problem solving on the fly

In November, our talented Behaviour Change Graduate Research Industry Partnership (GRIP) candidates participated in a fun and challenging professional development activity; Designing behavioural solutions to industry problems.

The focus of this event, designed by the Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre (MMIC), was bringing the brightest minds together to consider ways of boosting inclusive employment practices by the Wyndham City Council (Vic).


A Hackathon format was selected to allow both MMIC and BehaviourWorks Australia (BWA) students to rapidly workshop ideas.

The event, which ran over a full week, involved presentations by industry leaders who provided excellent and inspirational examples of inclusivity programs within councils. The students were then left to develop their own deas with input and guidance from mentors, with each proposed solution reviewed by mentors and  ‘critical friends’.

Diversity of ideas

BWA Education Manager, Dr Sarah Kneebone, said she was “absolutely blown away by the quality and creativity of the ideas and the presentations from each team”.

“I could not believe how much the students achieved in such a short space of time and with limited additional resourcing. The selection of target audiences was great and I could really see how the ideas could be adapted and adopted to address the important challenges the councils are tackling.”

Winning designs

Congratulations to ‘Leading by example’ and their winning design ‘Up & Up: Diversifying leadership in Wyndham’ by BWA students, Kim Borg and Joel Edwards, working with MMIC’s Prabha Arachchige and Jess Trijsburg.

The People’s Choice award went to ‘Cooking up a Network’ by BWA students, Fareed Kaviani and Michaela Lang, working with Gosh and Lindsay from MMIC.

Congratulations to all involved and we look forward to conducting more of these types of Hackathons in the future.

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