BehaviourWorks Australia is a behaviour change research enterprise within the Monash Sustainable Development Institute. We bring leading behaviour change academics together with practitioners to translate research evidence into practice. 

Human behaviour is at the root of many of the biggest challenges and opportunities faced by society today. We believe that, by understanding the influences on behaviour and the social, institutional and environmental contexts in which behavioural problems occur, we have a much better chance of addressing them in a way that benefits individuals and communities.

Who we are

BehaviourWorks is very different kind of research organisation, one that goes beyond the behavioural sciences to break down the barriers that have traditionally prevented research from becoming practice.

We do this by bringing behaviour change specialists together with those working in the field to develop effective interventions.

Our vision is to be recognised as a world-leading research centre in behaviour change that impacts policy and practice.

What we do

We help a wide range of government departments, service providers, businesses, not-for-profit agencies and other types of organisations identify and ‘unpack’ problems and understand the behaviours and decisions that lie behind them.

Given the complexity of human behaviour, we believe in taking a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Our staff of 15 + researchers come from many different backgrounds have diverse skill sets and expertise.

Our association with Monash University, the Monash Sustainable Development Institute and behavioural scientists from leading universities around the world gives us, and our partners, access to specialists from many different fields, faculties and disciplines.

Our Method

Over the years, we have developed our own unique method of identifying and addressing problems in a way that facilitates innovative and effective innovative intervention strategies (see projects).

This three-phase method (Exploration, Deep Dive and Launch and Learn) incorporates a series of steps which are tailored to each project. It is a flexible, open approach that allows us to tailor tools and/or processes to each project, and each partnership.

The method is currently being prepared for publication.

Partnership model

Developing strong collaborative partnerships is at the centre of what we do. Whether these partnerships are long-term or project-based, we believe that we all have a much better chance of succeeding if we create an environment where experiences, insights and observations of the problem – and the context in which the problem occurs – are shared openly in the spirit of trust and shared learning.

Through this, we all gain a better understanding of human behaviour and ways to influence it.

Want to know more? 

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Drop us a line.