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Work with us

BehaviourWorks Australia is called a research enterprise for a reason. From the start, our aim has been to break down the barriers that have traditionally prevented academic research from being translated into practice and since 2011 we have helped dozens of government departments, private sector organisations, service providers and not-for-profit organisations make evidence-based strategic, investment and program decisions.

Our experience

Having worked on hundreds of behaviour change projects since 2011, we reckon we’ve got a pretty good idea of how to collaborate with our partners to find evidence of which behaviour change program is most likely to work. 
We use a proprietary change kit known as the BWA Method to unpack problems, identify and prioritise behaviours, investigate the drivers and barriers of those behaviours and trial interventions. 
Our reputation for delivering rigorous research means that many new projects come our way via word of mouth.
However, we’re keen to make some new acquaintances!
Advice you can trust
BehaviourWorks Australia is not a consultancy per se.
Rather, we’re a university-based research unit that helps organisations understand behavioural problems and develop evidence-based solutions.
We believe that having a practice grounded in academia gives us – and our partners – a distinct advantage. It means that our researchers are independent and trained to seek out and interpret data and provide qualified advice on the social, psychological, economic and environmental dimensions of everyday problems.
While grounded in academia, many of our researchers have worked in government and industry and are sensitive to the systems and processes of business. In fact, our researchers are passionate about bridging the research-practice gap and working collaboratively with practitioners.
Our partners tell us that we’re innovative, agile and a lot fun to work with; an organisation that doesn’t just focus on theory but on solving real-world problems.
Partnership types
There are two ways of working with us.
1: Consortium partners are generally organisations which have worked with us for some time and want to enter into a more formal arrangement to enable knowledge sharing and capability building.

2. Project partners are organisations who work with us on a project by project basis.

In entering into these partnerships, we look for projects that have a social benefit and have the potential to add to result in a publication, conference presentation or report.

What we offer 

We have a suite of research products and services available to help organisations work through their partiuclar challenges.

In brief we offer: 

  • A tried and tested method for identifying behavioural problems, prioritising behaviours and developing intervention strategies to solve common and complex problems.
  • Access to specialists from a range of behavioural/social science backgrounds.
  • Skills in designing, conducting and evaluating behaviour change trials.
  • Access to a subject experts from Monash University and other knowledge centres around the world.
  • Facilitated Forum workshops to better understand problems and identify who needs to do what differently.
  • Rapid evidence and practice reviews.
  • Access to the latest thinking on behaviour change, nationally and internationally.
  • Education (workshop and training products).
Getting started 

The starting point of any project is to simply pick up the phone and talk to us.

That said, experience tells us that many organisations need help defining the problem to begin with, so we normally recommend that organisations bring us in early to help unpack the problem. 

Contact us to learn more.