The Wright stuff

Method in our madness

BehaviourWorks Australia Research Fellow, Dr Breanna Wright, presented an overview of the BWA Method at the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia Conference in November 2017.

The conference celebrates the “various ways Behaviour Analysis is a part of the Australian story and the potential for the field to have a broader reaching, positive impact across the country in the future.”

To help explain the BehaviourWorks Method, Breanna used the example of a bio-security project BWA conducted to understand how to encourage Australian producers to monitor their livestock for notifiable diseases and report suspicious symptoms.

While everyone agrees on the importance of monitoring livestock for diseases, farmers’ behaviours around actually reporting these events are affected by a number of factors, such as the weather, the market, government regulations, the environment, past history, future hopes and of course, other farmers.

The BehaviourWorks Method (below) articulates specific steps to understanding behaviours and tackling behaviour change challenges. BWA explored the issue through a literature and practice review (1), deep-dived into what’s important and relevant for producers (2) and designed interventions to be trialled (3). 

The conference provided attendees with the chance to keep up-to-date with current research and connect with colleagues who share an interest in behaviour analysis.

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Dr Breanna Wright
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