The Dark Side of Behaviour Change

Is influence another means of manipulation?

An article in Science Daily posits an interesting question – with the growing understanding of how persuasion works, are we getting smarter when it comes to being influenced?

Citing Robert Cialdini’s six universal principles of influence (as described in his best-selling book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion ) the article points to Cialdini’s emphasis on ethics when it comes to using this knowledge and his claim that unethical manipulators, trying to create higher profits – such as those using dishonest hiring practices – may also create higher absenteeism, medical bills and turnover through stressed employees.

No one wants to be a smuggler of influence

(Robert Cialdini)

People can also develop resilience to manipulation if they have a basic understanding of how these principles work.

So, is that ‘free’ offer is actually free, does that ‘expert’ really know what they’re talking about and is time actually running out on that once in a lifetime opportunity? 

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