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Dr Anna Genat

Dr Anna Genat

Research Fellow

Anna is an applied social researcher, with research interests lying in the diversity, inclusion and wellbeing space.

Her thesis examined how unconscious biases act as barriers to women in leadership and tested job interview strategies to ameliorate bias. A new addition to the team, Anna joined BehaviourWorks in September 2021 to work within the Health portfolio.

Prior to joining BehaviourWorks, Anna worked across a range of roles and research centres working on major projects such as:

  • inclusion of people with disability in employment,
  • recruitment interventions to improve diversity and inclusion in the public services,
  • unconscious bias and backlash in evaluations of women at work, and
  • the impact of gender and sexual harassment at work on women’s wellbeing.

Her research interests include diversity and inclusion, wellbeing in the workplace, and biases in measurement, decision-making and evaluation.

Anna has a BA (Hons in Psychology) and a PhD from the University of Melbourne.

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