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New scholarships in good (Shannon) company

Two for two

The BehaviourWorks Australia-The Shannon Company (TSC) Scholarship program, established in 2017, reflects the strong relationship between the partners and a shared commitment to ensuring that TSC staff continue learning about behaviour change and applying research insights to their client work.
Successful recipients not only get to participate in a two-day behaviour change masterclass, but have the opportunity to experience behaviour change in action by taking a field trip to either Indonesia or Fiji to follow the progress of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute’s (MSDI) Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) program, which is building ecologically and economically sustainable water infrastructure in informal urban settlements.
TSC digital and behaviour change strategist, Hannah Turner, was the first scholarship recipient. Hannah travelled to Suva, Fiji, where she spoke with local residents, community support workers and local service suppliers to better understand the waste ecosystem.
In fact, the scholarship is of great importance to RISE, as appropriate waste management driven by behaviour change is essential to the program’s success.
Hannah went on to create a report outlining behaviour change recommendations on waste management and community engagement to support the RISE team. The experience not only gave her a greater understanding of how approaches need to be tailored to individuals and cultures but inspired her to seek additional study in the area of ‘psychological anthropology’ as a way of exploring the link between behaviour change and communications.
TSC Business Director, Will Cook, who is involved in campaign planning and direction through to production, execution and evaluation of a range of TSC campaigns, has just been awarded the second scholarship.
Will is being posted to Makassar in Indonesia where he will interview teams on the ground and develop a report on behaviour change recommendations for the management of waste in the area surrounding the RISE demonstration site – Batua.
Will’s mission aligns with RISE Objective 1 (Design and Engagement) led by Professor Diego Ramirez-Lovering.
Will says he is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about the application of behaviour change techniques and to work with the RISE and MSDI teams.
“MSDI seeks to have a positive influence on some of the major challenges that confront us today,” said Will.
“This aligns very closely with The Shannon Company’s purpose – to inspire change, willingly and for good’,” he said.  “I’m very much looking forward to the experience.”  
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