More Masters to influence change

Specialised behaviour change Masters unit

BehaviourWorks Australia, working with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, is delivering Monash University’s first-ever specialised behaviour change unit and it’s proving to be even more popular this semester – last year’s enrolments have tripled from 15 in 2017 to 53 this year. 

Called ‘Understanding human behaviour to influence change’, the unit is designed to help students understand individual behaviours and identify opportunities for change. 

Starting with behavioural drivers and models, students are introduced to behavioural economics, systems mapping and gathering behavioural evidence before going on to designing and testing behavioural interventions themselves.

Mixing theoretical and practical work, the ultimate aim is to create graduates who are strongly placed to unpack public policy challenges and provide strategic leadership in a wide range of policy and capacity building settings.

The current group of students come from a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines and countries including:

  • Land managers from Ghana

  • Government bureaucrats from Indonesia

  • Students from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands

  • Advertising professionals from Brazil

  • Science and agricultural communicators from Melbourne

  • Insurance regulators from Singapore

  • Ex sports journalists from The Age

It is likely this highly motivated group will play a lead role in bringing sustainable development to the world.

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