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Men’s behaviour needs to change

Getting in early

The shockwaves from a domestic violence incident in Queensland in February 2020, in which Hannah Clarke and her three small children were killed by their father, have continued to reverberate around the country, with many people asking questions about the effectiveness of men’s behaviour change programs.

While more funding has been promised in the wake of the event, our behaviour change PhD candidate, Rebecca Stewart and Research Fellow, Dr Breanna Wright, say in The Conversation that the key to achieving meaningful change is to bring men into these kinds of programs far earlier.

Rebecca is one of 17 PhD candidates enrolled in the first-ever Behaviour Change Graduate Research Industry Partnership program.

Her Honours project looked at normative attitudes and beliefs around stalking and she is now working with VicHealth to better understand what it means to be a ‘real man’ and how ‘healthier masculinities’ can influence attitudes and behaviours.

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