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Meet Zan, Kanban! man

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Alexander Saeri, or Zan as he’s known, has joined BehaviourWorks’ growing Sydney team.  Born and educated in Queensland, he completed his PhD (2015) and Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons I) at The University of Queensland. He joined BWA in 2018 and now works with Peter Slattery and Annet Hoek in the areas of insurance and environmental regulation. 

Zan’s research interests include the complex interplay between social identities and health, improving group cooperation and decision-making, increasing the impact of social policy interventions and advancing effective altruism. He’s passionate about improving the transparency and accessibility of research through the Open Science initiative (where openness and collaboration in research improves transparency, reliability, and impact) and tackling complex policy problems to create lasting change.  

Having worked as a lecturer, researcher and supervisor, Zan has designed and delivered university courses, worked as a researcher and coordinator on a national health project exploring new treatments for drug dependence and has published in social psychological and mental health academic journals.  

In his new role, Zan hopes to improve the implementation of social policy research, particularly in health and medical science, to enhance wellbeing through social connectedness (and pro-social behaviours), and to improve how people disagree, argue, and come to resolutions. 

He’s also an enthusiast of complex board games, including one called Kanban! which trains players in the LEAN development process of the same name (he’s managed to get others to join him in Kanban! twice).  

If you’ve got any questions about Kanban!, Zan’s the man…
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