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How and why we decided to track Covid-19 behaviours

A look at our Covid-19 studies thorugh Monash Lens

Watching the pandemic unfold before their eyes and realising that the key to arresting it was behaviour change, in March BehaviourWorks’ Research Fellows, Peter Slattery and Zan Saeri, stepped in to help.

In this Monash Lens article, they explain how they came to be involved in the international Survey of COVID-19 Responses to Understand Behaviour (SCRUB) study, which is tracking the effect of government and other organisational messaging against the uptake of preventative behaviours – in real-time.

The study is revealing a range of fascinating insights for policymakers to action and leading the team in all sorts of new directions.

The survey also examines changes in other variables such as wellbeing, anxiety, predictions of infection and interventions to change behaviour. Study page here.

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