GRIP launch: successful!

We have 18 lift offs...

After months of recruitment, interviews, program design, paperwork, more paperwork and a lot of coffee, our GRIP program was officially launched at the New Horizons building, Monash Campus on April 17. 

The 18 successful candidates bring with them skills and experience working in a wide range of fields, including digital media, public health, journalism, law, medicine and urban planning.

This is the fifth cohort of GRIP (Graduate industry Research Partnership) researchers supported by Monash and represents a new approach to producing the behaviour change practitioners of the future. Both Monash and the industry partners recognise the lack of behavioural science skills in real-world settings and the importance of building this capacity, and the GRIP program.

The students have since gone on to participate in a professional development program, including the ‘Behaviour Change Science Accelerator’ exploring the latest findings on behavioural theory and practice. This is a specialised training component created by BWA to enable the students to successfully participate in the PhD process and gain the technical and soft skills they need, including weekly field trips and placements for all the students to meet all the GRIP partners “on their home turf” to gain a better understanding of each other’s research projects.

While this marks the beginning of an intense three years for our cohort, we look forward to seeing an emerging group of behaviour change practitioners building their own capabilities as well as those of the partner organisations. 
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