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Professional Development 

BehaviourWorks Australia (BWA) is committed to improving behaviour change literacy in Australia and giving government and industry professionals the knowledge and skills they need to solve policy and service delivery problems on their own.

Since 2011, we’ve been delivering training to our consortium partners and, more recently, we’ve been working with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANSZOG) to deliver targeted seminars and workshops to government professionals. 

We’ve also recently partnered with the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Behavioural Insights Unit to deliver a series of case-study rich training sessions to upskill Victorian government professionals.

A list of indicative professional development courses can be found in our flyer here.

We now have a range of teaching resources available to other organisations. See Bespoke Training.


  • Presentations and presenters are fun and engaging and content is interesting and well-paced.
    Australia and New Zealand School of Government workshop participant
  • It was valuable learning how to pull apart a problem and explore it from different perspectives.
    Australia and New Zealand School of Government workshop participant
  • The teaching style was great; lots of visual content which I found easier to understand and remember.
    Australia and New Zealand School of Government workshop participant
  • Behavioural change is not something we do enough of in our agency. We plough on through policies, programs etc., without thinking enough about this topic and then wonder why we don’t have take-up/success. Thanks for your insights.
    Australia and New Zealand School of Government workshop participant
  • Understanding human behaviour – and how to influence it – is valuable for any organisation.
    Australia and New Zealand School of Government workshop participant

BehaviourWorks’ Bootcamps are designed for small and influential groups of staff who want to build their skills in applying behaviour change approaches to their own projects and organisational challenges – in real-time.

The Bootcamps introduce participants to a range of practical, theoretical and methodological topics related to behaviour change and are delivered by highly-experienced behaviour change researchers and trainers.

Each Bootcamp is tailored to the organisation’s needs, with the content delivered via face-to-face workshops, online activities, homework and coaching based on the BWA Method. The course structure is highly interactive and practical, with the training team placing a strong emphasis on learning through group discussion and activities.

.Prior to each Bootcamp, participants are asked to provide information about a ‘live’ problem confronting the organisation that could benefit from a behavioural focus. This task assists in generating a series of well-defined problem statements that will become a focus throughout the Bootcamp.

By the end of the Bootcamp, participants will have a well-developed Project and Research Plan that articulates key learnings, assumptions, gaps in knowledge and proposed and completed tasks relevant to the chosen project.

The ultimate aim of these Bootcamps is to up-skill a network of highly motivated participants to the point where they can become ‘behaviour change champions’ within their organisations.

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