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Graduate/accredited education

Apart from supporting 16 PhD candidates through the Graduate Research Industry Partnership (GRIP) Program, we are developing courses to help graduates pursue formal studies in behaviour change. With the Monash Sustainable Development Institute we recently co-designed the first-ever specialised behaviour change unit within the Master of Environment and Sustainability.

The 12-week unit, entitled ‘Understanding human behaviour to influence change’, helps students understand individual behaviours and identify opportunities for change. The subject can also be taken as a stand-alone Master’s unit and covers the following topics:

  • understand and evaluate selected theories of behaviour including their historical roots, key conceptual notions, frameworks and current debates

  • diagnose the motives and drivers of individual behaviour

  • diagnose behavioural problems and develop prioritisation criteria and apply these to real-world scenarios

  • critically evaluate and apply a range of behavioural interventions to target priority behaviours

  • integrate principles for behavioural field trials and analyse the effectiveness of these trials

  • collaboratively design and effectively communicate potential behaviour change programs.