The Change Room

Change Room 2 – Biases

We can’t contain our Bias

Our second ever Change Room was all about Biases – the mental shortcuts that help, hinder or even hijack our decisions. We’re all biased, but how?

On 24 November 2016, Sarah Kneebone and host Geoff Paine delivered the goods on heuristics like Confirmation Bias (why we block people on Facebook), the IKEA Effect (valuing stuff we make ourselves) and the Status Quo Bias (that’s about resisting change, not 70s glam rockers).

Before the Wheel of Bias (one of our latest Change Room events), there was simply Biases – and it’s a great introduction to the way we make decisions without even thinking about them.

Once again, the video is here to watch.  

Banner photo with thanks to John Lord and artist Caitlind Brown

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