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A conversation about oBikes

The real issue is our behaviours

PhD candidate at BehaviourWorks Australia, Conor Wynn, has hit a nerve with two articles published in The Conversation about the bane of many city streets – the dockless bike-sharing scheme oBikes.

With so many oBikes ending up dumped in rivers and streets, social and traditional media has lit up as people vent their feelings. Councils and residents are asking what can be done to rehabilitate a system gone feral.

As Conor points out in the first article, the bikes themselves aren’t the issue – it’s people’s behaviour.  And in the second article, he explains why Aussies have a few cultural issues with the whole bike-sharing thing.

These articles have not only triggered a powerful response, they has some great insights into how important it is to understand the underlying causes of problem behaviour before coming up with interventions to try and correct them.

You’ll find the first article here and the second one here.

Conor went on to give a number of radio interviews, including speaking to Jules Schiller on ABC Radio Adelaide’s Drive program.

You can listen to Part 1 here, and Part 2, here.


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