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Our people

BehaviourWorks Australia is made up of a team of highly committed and creative researchers from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines including psychology, political science, behavioural economics, health, systems thinking, knowledge translation, political science, sociology and education. Linked profiles follow.

Director, bridge-builder, true believer.
A/Prof Liam Smith
Research Fellow, data-cruncher, internationalist
Dr Nicholas Faulkner
Research Fellow
PhD Candidate, international environmentalist, educator
Sarah Kneebone
Research Fellow
Research Officer, survey nerd, social-psychological-behaviourist
Kim Borg
Research Officer
PhD Candidate
Conor Wynn
PhD Candidate
Research Fellow, pioneer, pillar, clandestine marketer
Dr Jim Curtis
Research Fellow
Research Fellow, agitator, swiss army pocket knife
Dr Denise Goodwin
Research Fellow
Research Fellow, Man of Honours, health care warrior
Fraser Tull
Research Fellow
Research Fellow, IT nerd and philanthropy enabler based in Sydney
Dr Peter Slattery
Research Fellow
PhD Candidate
Kathryn Buckley
PhD Candidate
Senior Research Fellow and 'pracademic' based in Sydney.
Dr Annet Hoek
Senior Research Fellow
Senior Research Fellow, social psychologist, referee
Dr Bradley Jorgensen
Senior Research Fellow
Research Officer, detail laser, coffee lover (okay, addict)
Lena Jungbluth
Research Officer
Operations Manager, inspirer, generator
Tracy McGregor
Operations Manager
Senior Research Fellow, physio, musician
A/Prof Peter Bragge
Senior Research Fellow
Research Fellow, enabler, cultural diviner
Dr Breanna Wright
Research Fellow
Research Fellow, advocate, raconteur
Mark Boulet
Research Fellow
Multidisciplinary creative
Geoff Paine
Content Curator