Welcome to the BWA Blog. It’s a chance for us to share our thoughts on what’s happening in the world of behaviour change, as well a bit of news on what we’re up. Whether your interest is merely piqued or you’ve got a PhD, we hope you enjoy.

Teaching young mindfulness

22 June 2017

Mindfulness is going to school, and this article asks why

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Have what they’re having: some nudges towards healthier eating

12 June 2017

BehaviourWorks researchers present their findings on how to promote healthy eating when dining out

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Online scammers – nature’s behavioural economists

9 June 2017

Online scammers use behavioral science to dupe their victims – here’s how

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When everyone wins, most of us lose

8 June 2017

A new book explains the how the self-esteem movement was based more on faith than science

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Masters of the (sustainable) universe

1 June 2017

BWA celebrates the first Understanding Human Behaviour to Influence Change unit

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BWA teams up with VMIA for better patient outcomes

31 May 2017

A major partnership between BWA and the VMIA to improve patient safety announced

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Ethics on screen

29 May 2017

A video summary of our live event, The Change Room.  This episode – Ethics

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Why stopping in public parks is called ‘loitering’

26 May 2017

Why Australia is not famous for piazzas – we don’t have any

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Public Value: from an idea into an actual thing

25 May 2017

A new paper on how to measure the value of government services

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The wolf at the door for renters

17 May 2017

Are rent bidding apps bringing the wolf to tenants doors?

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