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Bespoke/tailored training

We’ve been designing and delivering training to our consortium partners since 2011. This experience, coupled with the insights gained from designing and trailing hundreds of behaviour change interventions, has given us a good understanding of the challenges that many government and industry professionals face in terms of getting their projects off the ground.

We know, for example, that some individuals struggle to build an organisational culture that supports behavioural approaches while others need information on best practice approaches to addressing specific problems and challenges.

To meet the needs of various groups – and fill in knowledge gaps – BehaviourWorks now offers bespoke training. 

This training ranges from basic introductions to behaviour change to targeted workshops. It is a fee-based service that involves an initial consultation with our training team so they understand your needs and learning objectives and that the content is relevant to your industry. We then come to you to deliver that training. Contact us to learn more.  

Workshop topics

Workshop content is typically structured around the BehaviourWorks Method; a  three-phase project methodology (Exploration, Deep Dive and Application) for helping organisations unpack problems, identify and prioritise behaviours and trial/evaluate interventions. Example topics include:

  • systems mapping; getting a better understanding of the problem

  • benefits of conducting rapid reviews and practice reviews

  • identifying and defining behaviour; what are we trying to change?

  • prioritising behaviours; what should we focus on?

  • audience segmentation.

Deep Dive
  • developing effective interventions

  • qualitative and quantitative research; how to ask better questions

  • generic models of behaviour change that can be used as an alternative to, or in concert with, more in-depth methods.

  • introduction to Randomised Controlled Trials

  • monitoring and evaluation

  • knowledge translation; how to apply your findings in practice.