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Change Room Sydney – Assumptions and Media

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Change Room Sydney
5 December

Presented by BehaviourWorks Australia (BWA) and facilitated by BWA’s Content Curator, Geoff Paine, The Change Room showcases some of our best academics in an interactive, engaging way – giving you a better understanding of why we behave the way we do and what to look out for when making decisions.

At this Sydney event, Geoff will talk to BWA’s health specialist, A/Prof Peter Bragge, about the dangers of making up your mind before knowing all the facts.

In fact, making assumptions can get us into a whole lot of trouble, as those in the media spotlight have found! 

After a quick networking break, Geoff will then interview media enthusiast, Kim Borg, about the tricks that advertisers play on us to influence our decisions.

When: Tuesday 5 December. 5:30pm (5:45pm start)

Where: The Grace Hotel, 77 York St Sydney.